Thursday, October 20, 2016

"Inner Peace By M" Event

Hello Beauties,

Today I will share with you a mew milestone for my blog.

After two years of blogging and attending events on daily basis, I decided to have my own blog event! 
 I simply wanted to have something personal for my blog. 
After all, my baby is constantly growing and blooming. 

Under the theme: "Inner Peace By M" I had a gathering at Le Gray, Cherry on the roof top lounge. 
 My main aim was to transfer a relaxing evening to all my invitees who consisted of press, media, bloggers and a couple of  PR agencies that we always worked together. 

This was a thank you event to all the wonderful people and amazing brands I worked with though my exciting journey. 

To be honest everything was amazing, even the smallest details.  Le Gray had everything covered. 
The weather was so refreshing, the music was relaxing, and the atmosphere was awesome.  
Everyone had a great time whole sipping their drinks, having des canapés, and chit chatting with their friends.

Last but not least,  none of this would have been possible without all my partners who took part in this project. 


Le Gray for the classy roof top. You had everything covered from hospitality to settings and everything in between. You made this evening unforgettable. 

Whyte Mulberry Team:  for your constant support and your help in every step. Ladies... you rock !!!! 

Les Caves De Taillevant:  for the top drinks. Whispering Angel rosé is so far my ultimate favourite ! 

Anthony Maalouf Photography: your photos are beyond amazing !! Best photographer in town. Simply you were able to capture every moment of happiness and joy. 

Sesame Verdi: for the classiest souvenirs, that all my guests adored.
Shermine from Sesame is one of the purest souls. A true lady and a great supporter. 

Pace e Luce: I simply fell in in love with my hair and makeup !! All my invitees adored my look. Good job guys :) 

Mohammad abo younes: for the lovely invitation card. Super elegant ! 
It was exactly what I had in mind. 

Fashionably yours,
Mariam Al Halabi

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